6pm Vigil Mass

Ministry notes

6.00pm Welcomers


6:00pm Commentators


6:00pm Readers


6:00pm Offertory


6:00pm Eucharistic Ministers


6:00pm Hospitality


6.00pm Adult Altar Servers


6.00pm Junior Altar Servers


8:30am Sunday Mass



8:30am Welcomers


8:30am Commentators


8:30am Readers


8:30am Offertory


8:30am Eucharistic Ministers


8:30am Hospitality


8.30am Adult Altar Servers

8.30am Junior Altar Servers  

10am Sunday Mass



10:00am Welcomers


10.00am Commentators


10:00am Readers


10:00am Offertory


10:00am Eucharistic Ministers


10:00am Hospitality


10.00am Adult Altar Servers


10.00am Junior Altar Servers

10.00am Children's Liturgy of the Word  

Money Counters


Flower Arranging


Foyer Cleaning

Church Vacuuming  











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