An Invitation to be Part of our Parish Renewal

Dear Sisters and Brothers
Here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel we are blessed to have so many caring and committed parishioners who make our parish the vibrant and welcoming community that it is. Building on this strong foundation of faith and community we have embarked on a Parish Renewal Program. Over the past year or so we have studied and implemented the Divine Renovation model, a specifically designed program for renewing Catholic parishes and supported by our Diocese. This process has lead to the creation of a strategic role for the Parish Pastoral Council, the creation of a Parish Leadership Team to implement the strategy, and the development of key visions in the areas of worship, ministry, community, discipleship, evangelisation and leadership.

These visions, approved by a parish meeting, have refocused our efforts in a spiritual renewal. Recently, this has lead to the beginning of Alpha in our parish, the renewing of our Youth Group and a broader view of community and hospitality. This renewal will continue to devolve from a strategic level with the Parish Council through to application within our Ministry Teams and then be embraced by our parishioners and ultimately by the broader community.

Alongside this spiritual renewal is the need for a refurbishment of the parish property and facilities. The parish was created almost 40 years ago and our church was built more than 25 years ago. There is a need to update, remodel and build the facilities that are needed for our parish to flourish for the next 25 and 40 years.

We have a Property Committee that is overseeing this refurbishment and they are keen to have parishioners provide their comments and feedback in relation to what they might like to see changed. In the following pages you will see some initial images and plans of what might be considered. The committee is looking for your valued input so that the best outcomes can be achieved.

Any remodelling or rebuilding will be undertaken in a staged approach consistent with our fundraising efforts and parishioner commitment. Within this staged approach there are a couple of areas that need priority attention - an updated and functional toilet block (including multiple male/female toilets, a disabled toilet and a parenting room), an updated sanctuary (including a new altar, baptismal font and pulpit) and a new wall to hold the crucifix, tabernacle and holy oils that will be a focal point in the church. Other areas for refurbishment will come later such as enlarged kitchen and serving facilities, meeting rooms with state of the art technology, youth and child facilities and any other facilities that parishioners may agree are needed.

Your support of both our spiritual renewal program and our property refurbishment program are vital to their success. This is your parish and your opinions are important. Please review these initial plans, consider your needs as a parishioner or as a ministry team member, and share them with others. Your comments can be shared with me, or given to the Parish Office, or discussed with any members of the Parish Pastoral Council or Parish Leadership Team (whose names and photos are in the church foyer).

This is an exciting time for our parish and it will be all the better with your involvement. I am pleased to share these initial ideas with you and look forward to you sharing your thoughts. God bless, Fr Shane

It is proposed that the renovations be undertaken in stages, begining with: improved toilet facilities; and renovations to the sanctuary and the reconciliation room inside the church. It is hoped that this stage would be completed before 11 May, 2020, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the creation of our Parish. (Click here to see some images)


We could then move on to look at the foyer of the church as well as the kitchen and serving facilities. Then we could consider whether we need more area for meetings and other activities that go on in our Parish. For example, we might like to create a space where our youth can gather, hangout, or whatever they call it, after school hours.


It is important that you share your feedback and suggestions. You can do this by filling out the questionaire which you can download here.



 Stage 1 Renovations - Toilet Block            Stage 1 Renovations - Church Interior

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